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Mike Trout Trade: Who is Confident to Get Him?

Mike Trout trade could be coming.

Mike Trout has been one of the best players in the 2010s and has been a showcase player for the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels signed Trout to a twelve-year, 426-million-dollar contract extension in 2019, making him one of the highest-paid players in the league. A Mike Trout trade is now in contention with Shohei Ohtani seemingly leaving as a free agent. What teams would make a Mike Trout trade to help push them over the edge in hopes to win a World Series?

Why the Angels Would Trade Mike Trout?

Mike Trout’s contract averages 37 million dollars a year until 2030, when he will be 30 years old. With that lengthy contract, any team that considers trading for him will get the back end of the contract where other franchises may be weary of having an older Mike Trout.

Recently, Trout has been plagued with injuries that have kept him out of the lineup consistently. In the past five seasons, he has had injuries to his wrist, calf, back, and hand that have taken him out of 241 games. That is something many teams would want to take on with the amount of money a team will have to owe him.

There is some upsides to a Mike Trout trade because of the legendary stats that he has been able to put up. For the Angels, it is a courtesy to Trout for all the great time he has put into during his time with the team. For the team receiving him, they will get someone who is a great leader in the clubhouse and a player who wants the opportunity to compete in a championship.

Mike Trout Trade That Doesn’t Make Sense

There are some playoff teams that could use his talents but are not willing to pull the trigger. Some teams include the Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, and Tampa Bay Rays. These teams could use his talents and have the prospects to give up but, will not because of the price tag on his contract. A Mike Trout trade would be interesting for the Orioles because it would give some depth to the Orioles lineup and help mentor their younger players.

Another set of teams that would not make sense to try and make Mike Trout trade are teams that are not in contention. So, for example, a team like the Pittsburgh Pirates would not make a play for Trout because he does not fit into their timeline. In addition, a team like the Dodgers would not trade for him because they are going for Shohei Ohtani this offseason to help them gain some pitching and power to their lineup.

Teams That Should Trade for Trout

The difficult part of a Mike Trout trade is his no-trade clause along with his large contract. This means Trout has full control over where he goes if a trade is written up. With him being from the east coast there is a possibility for a team to a team closer to home.

The first team that could be interesting is the Philadelphia Phillies. A Mike Trout trade going to the Philadelphia area would be a homecoming for him. Pairing him with Bryce Harper, he would be able to platoon with the designated hitter spot with Bryce Harper as they both get older. Getting traded to the Phillies would also put less pressure on him to be perfect because of all the stars that would be around him.

Another team that may try and make a Mike Trout trade is the Arizona Diamondbacks. They are a team that has a lot of young players that played great in the first half. As the second half winds down, they have struggled to fall out of the playoffs. Corbin Carroll has been one of the best players this season and he would pair nicely with Mike Trout in the outfield and would push them over the edge.

The last team that may try and get Mike Trout may be the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have shown they are not scared to spend money. They gave big contracts to Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, and Jacob DeGrom. But they could use the help in the outfield to push them over the edge to get them into the playoffs.

Overall, a Mike Trout trade is going to come down to his contract with general managers around the league debating how much they are willing to give up. Paying Trout 35 million dollars at 38 years old is a bit extreme but it may give a team an extra boost to make it to the next step in their development.

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