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MLB Closer Entrance Songs: 2023 Rankings

A new season means there are more MLB closer entrance songs that need to be ranked. In 2020, I began a tradition where I analyze every closer’s entrance song and rank them from 1-30. This year’s field is very deep – the deepest it’s ever been – and features a few players who’ve never appeared in past rankings. Without further ado, here are your 2023 MLB Closer entrance song rankings.

MLB Closer Entrance Songs, Ranked: 2023 Edition

Honorable Mention: Edwin Díaz: Narco by Blasterjaxx and Timmy Trumpet

“Narco” was the leader of the pack in last year’s rankings, and likely would have been on top of this year’s rankings too. Unfortunately, Edwin Díaz is likely going to miss the entirety of the 2023 season after suffering a torn patellar tendon during the World Baseball Classic. This song became so popular among Mets fans that Timmy Trumpet himself came to Citi Field last summer and played it live when Díaz entered for a save opportunity against the Dodgers. If that doesn’t show how electrifying Narco is, then what will?

30. CHW – Reynaldo López: Confidence by Sanctus Real

Kicking us off at number 30, we have newly-minted White Sox closer Reynaldo López, who may not be the team’s closer for too long. This song isn’t intimidating and has very low energy. It isn’t necessarily a bad song, but it’s hard to rank it higher than last on this list.

29. TB – Pete Fairbanks: Good Grief by Bastille

There’s a little more energy in this selection from Fairbanks, but there’s not a game-like feel to it. Plus, there are some better options he could have picked from if he wanted to use a Bastille song. It’s slightly better than López’s pick.

28. SD – Josh Hader: Every Chance I Get by DJ Khaled

This represents a significant drop in rankings for Hader, who’s never been ranked lower than second on one of these lists. However, this song just doesn’t sound super intimidating compared to his past selections. Just like the issue with Fairbanks’ choice, there were quite a few better DJ Khaled options to choose from. The energy from the vocals though is just enough to put Hader ahead of Fairbanks.

27. TEX – José Leclerc: Bori by 6ix9ine Feat. Lenier

Leclerc re-enters the MLB closer entrance songs list after a hiatus due to injuries. This song starts promising, but never really hits a climax. The energy from the instrumental doesn’t really support the vocals, which is what really holds it back.

26. MIL – Devin Williams: Ready by Lil Baby

Just like LeClerc’s selection, the first few notes of Williams‘ selection are promising, but the energy never really picks up. However, it sounds slightly more intimidating than LeClerc’s pick.

25. CLE – Emmanuel Clase: Di Di Di by Braulio Fogon, Don Forty Five, Yomel El Meloso

Clase is using a different song than he did last year, and it’s a bit of a downgrade. There’s more energy to it than the previous two selections on this list, but the instrumental lacks intensity. It’s hard to put it much higher on the list.

24. NYM – David Robertson: Sweet Home Alabama (Remix) by Lynyrd Skynyrd

If David Robertson wasn’t an Alabama native and an alum of the University of Alabama, then this would make no sense as an entrance song. While it’s not really an intimidating tune, it’s fun to sing along to and Robertson deserves some credit for paying tribute to his home state.

23. ATL – A.J. Minter: Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk) by Ying Yang Twins

Minter is slated to be Atlanta’s closer until Raisel Iglesias returns from the injured list. The energy on this song isn’t bad, but it’s a little odd to use a song called “Halftime” when you’re entering the game in the ninth inning. Maybe this makes more sense as something to play during the seventh-inning stretch.

22. LAD – Evan Phillips: Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This is around where the gap between each song starts to tighten a bit. This isn’t a bad pick by Phillips, the main knock on it is that the energy from the vocals doesn’t really match what the instrumental brings to the table. Still, it’s easy to envision that this tune can get a stadium rocking.

21. CHC – Michael Fulmer: Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

Fulmer said in an interview with Marquee Sports Network that he lets his kids pick his entrance song normally, and “Copperhead Road” got their approval this year. This song is pretty intimidating, and there eventually is some energy to it, just it takes a bit longer to reach a climax. It’s a rather grim song when you read into it, but it can make for a solid entrance.

20. WAS – Kyle Finnegan: Edge of Darkness by Greta Van Fleet

There are a lot of solid options from Great Van Fleet, and Finnegan picked a decent one. The guitar is solid throughout, though the energy isn’t as high as what Josh Kiszka’s voice supplies. Overall though, this is a nice pick by Finnegan.

19. HOU – Ryan Pressly: God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash

This song remains in the exact same spot from last year’s MLB closer entrance songs list. Pressly has been using “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” for a few years now, and he’s one of many pitchers who’ve used this song. There isn’t necessarily a ton of energy here, but Johnny Cash’s voice sounds pretty intimidating. Plus, the crowd in Houston loves the song.

18. KC – Scott Barlow: The Waltz by Left Lane Cruiser

Barlow also returns with the same song as last year, and it’s similar to Pressly’s in the way that it’s carried by the intensity of the vocals. There’s more energy here, which makes a difference, though it’s a bit of a repetitive tune. Overall though, it’s a solid choice from Barlow.

17. BOS – Kenley Jansen: CHAMPIONS by NLE Choppa

Jansen has another new team in 2023, and he has a new entrance song too. It’s not a bad song, it can even be used as a victory tune or for when the team takes the field. The energy however isn’t very high other than in the chorus. In a stacked field like this one, that’s enough to keep it in the bottom half of the list.

16. MIN – Jhoan Duran: Hot by Daddy Yankee and Pitbull

There’s plenty of energy right off the bat in Duran‘s choice, and “Hot” is also an accurate way to describe Duran’s fastball. Even if it’s more of a dance tune, it a solid choice for of the MLB closer entrance songs.

15. MIA – A.J. Puk: Intro by DMX

Puk has this song start at the 40-second mark when he enters games. The gongs playing in the background can sound intimidating. The intensity is certainly there throughout, but it might not necessarily get the crowd super into it. There’s still enough though to put him ahead of Duran.

14. DET – Alex Lange: Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith

This is Lange‘s first year as Detroit’s closer, taking over the departed Gregory Soto. “Sweet Emotion” is just a classic, and it’s hard not to like the song. For as intimidating as the intro is though, there isn’t really a great climax anywhere. The guitar and Steven Tyler’s voice are strong throughout, however, which sort of makes up for the previously mentioned shortcomings.

13. NYY – Clay Holmes: Sabotage by Beastie Boys

A New York closer using a song by a New York band makes too much sense. There are plenty of Beastie Boys options, and Holmes picked one of the stronger choices. Similar to Lange’s choice, the intro is fantastic but the song lacks a real peak in energy hurting it a bit in the MLB closer entrance songs rankings. MCA’s vocals are enough to put it ahead though.

12. LAA – Carlos Estévez: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

This is a strong choice by Estévez – it’s pretty intense from the opening guitar riff. The glaring issue is that this song is overplayed at sporting events all over the world, which sort of detracts from its value. That’s not to say though that it doesn’t make for a good entrance.

11. COL – Daniel Bard: Stranglehold by Ted Nugent

Bard has changed his entrance song once again, but this is probably the strongest pick he’s made. A couple of different pitchers have used “Stranglehold” over the years. Sure, it’s over eight minutes long, but the aggression from both the guitar and Nugent’s voice makes for an intimidating combination.

10. SFG – Camilo Doval: Bailar by Deorro Feat. Elvis Crespo and Pitbull

Kicking off the top 10, Doval is the biggest riser from last year’s rankings, as he has a much stronger selection than what he picked previously. After the first few seconds, the energy is very high and never really dips. This is definitely a tune that can get a crowd going.

9. PHI – Craig Kimbrel: Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Kimbrel makes it inside the top 10 once again with the same song he’s been using since 2018. The intro features one of the most iconic guitar riffs, and Axel Rose’s voice supplies plenty of energy to support it. It’s not the best Guns N’ Roses song to pick, but it’s also far from the worst.

8. BAL – Felix Bautista: Omar’s Whistle (The Wire)

Is this tune under a minute long? Yes. Just look at the production that goes into Bautista‘s entrance though. Plus, why not use a tune from a show that’s about the city you play in? The team the Orioles share a parking lot with uses the same song for intros.

7. SEA – Paul Sewald: Jump Around by House of Pain

The University of Wisconsin has been playing this song at games for years, and it never fails to get stadiums bumping. There’s no reason “Jump Around” wouldn’t raise the roof at the “Electric Factory.” This is just a great choice by Sewald and one of the most fun MLB closer entrance songs.

6. TOR – Jordan Romano: Tsunami by DVBBS

Just like the SNY crew did with Díaz’s walk-out last year, TSN followed Romano to the mound recently and it was nothing short of electric. The intro leads to a big bass drop, which takes the energy to the next level.

5. ARI – Andrew Chafin: My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan

This is the highest a country song has ever ranked on one of these lists. This song mainly works because Chafin‘s nickname is “Big Country” and he’s previously been described by teammates as a “walking country song.” Plus, there’s plenty of energy and it’s intimidating enough to justify putting it in the top five.

4. OAK – Jeurys Familia: Danza Kuduro by Don Omar

When Familia was the Mets’ closer, “Danza Kuduro” used to electrify Citi Field. Now that he’s back in the closer’s role again, it’s only fair to put this selection back in the top five of MLB closer entrance songs. Even if the energy from the vocals dies down a little bit, the intro and chorus more than make up for it.

3. CIN – Alexis Díaz: Matador by Marnik and Miami Blue (feat. Marano)

Inspired by his older brother, Alexis Díaz opted for another song that features trumpets, and it’s fantastic. Obviously, it’s very hard to top what “Narco” brings to the table, but there’s plenty of energy throughout. Sure, it’s entirely instrumental, but it doesn’t need lyrics.

2. PIT – David Bednar: Renegade by Styx

The team the Pirates share a city with plays “Renegade” in the fourth quarter of every home game, and the crowd goes absolutely wild. Now, the Pirates have a closer who uses the same song, and if the Pirates keep playing the way they’ve been lately, you know PNC Park will go ballistic whenever Bednar enters this summer.

1. STL – Ryan Helsley: Hells Bells by AC/DC

There’s a reason Hall of Famer Trevor Hoffman used this song for so many years. From the moment those bells start ringing, you can feel the energy in the stadium rise. Then the guitar comes in, and Brian Johnson‘s voice strikes fear into the opposing team. Additionally, it helps that a pitcher whose first four letters of their last name spell out “Hels.” This is simply a perfect selection by Helsley and is the top of the MLB closer entrance songs.

Let us know your favorite MLB Closer Entrance songs and what MLB closer entrance songs you would use in the comments below!

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