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Blue Jays Prospect Ready for Big Leagues

Buffalo Bisons Davis Schneider is having a great season and might be deserving of a call up

There will always be cases made for players to join the major league team in every franchise. With it being a frustrating but competitive year for the Toronto Blue Jays there are wonders if it is possible to fill in the gaps that are currently plaguing the team. That’s where the farm system, and Davis Schneider could come in handy for the Blue Jays.

A New Offensive Rookie

Hitting is strong but inconsistent on the Blue Jays.  But that shouldn’t stop the team from taking chances, especially with some new blood that may make a huge impact on the team. Davis Schneider has been with the organization since being drafted in 2017. Since then, he has made his way up and has stayed with the Buffalo Bisons all year. All signs are showing that he could be another offensive powerhouse that the Blue Jays will need in a stacked AL East.

The 24-year-old is having a strong year in Triple-A. His on-field and off-field development has been proof despite being picked in the 28th round all the way back in 2017. He currently leads the team in home runs. He has 58 hits, 44 walks, and 65 strikeouts. Even though he strikes out at a decent clip, he is still able to find his way on base, which gives him some value. In 2023, contact is king, and making the defense work is important with the new rules in place.

Davis Schneider almost always hits out into the air and is able to hit across the ballpark. It has shown in his power numbers with 15 home runs and 14 doubles across his 62 games. Not only that, he is very athletic being able to run fast to bases and has a strong jump. While that may not be a huge aspect that will normally be useful for baseball players, it helps him get to plates faster than others he plays with.

A Utility Player

Davis Schneider could be described as a utility player and his offensive capabilities have shown that. He won’t give you a lot of ways to predict where the ball will end up if he hits it. The only thing you can really count on is that it won’t be grounded out. But while he may be a utility player on his offense, what may be his most versatile aspect is his ability to play anywhere on defense.

One of the other aspects the Blue Jays need to improve this year is the infield defense. Most of his positions have been left field or second base this season. But he has played almost all infield positions for the Bisons this season. First base, second base, and third base, Schneider has been one of the best at adopting a new position and being one of the best for the team right away. He has only committed one error this season for the Bisons and that was on one of his stints on second base.

How Could He Be Called Up?

His ability to play any position only makes him more valuable if he was called up. Right now, there is an offensive funk on the team that is having players stranded at base. The Blue Jays are the worst team in the MLB to do that and that trend will only continue. Players that should be having a strong year like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. are having an offensive fizzle at the moment and the team needs answers.

There could be a chance that a young blood from the minors could bring some life to the team and why not the best they have in Triple-A? But realistically the roster won’t change for Davis Schneider unless someone gets injured. While that is not the best option it may be the only. Until then he will continue to rip it up down in Buffalo.

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