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Diamondbacks 2024 Uniform Grading

It feels like the Arizona Diamondbacks change uniforms about as often as Taylor Swift changes boyfriends, but that doesn’t mean they have bad taste. It did seem to catch fans off guard that they would announce a uniform change so quickly after the conclusion of the World Series, which they participated in. The Diamondbacks always seemed to stand out from other teams by doing something with their uniforms that couldn’t be found with other teams. Weather this unique element was with an exclusive color combination, extra dark road grays, or the incorporation of a snakeskin pattern, you can always count on the Diamondbacks to be adventurous and experimental. In order to analyze how the new 2024 uniform lineup adds to the legacy, we must first briefly overview the newly-retro brand.

The Diamondbacks uniforms that have most recently just been retired began their shelf life in 2020, as modifications of the 2016 rebrand. The 2020 set seemed to be a more tame, return-to-normalcy version of the previous set, which was very obviously trying to be as eye-popping as possible with both the snakeskin pattern, dark gray roads, and a fluorescent light teal. The 2020s emphasized black the most, especially for lettering. However, it always felt like they didn’t know exactly how to best use the teal.

The 2024 jersey finally figured out how to perfect the use of teal. Teal finally looks natural and blends the uniform together with its own sharp sense of pop. This was done by using the teal to distinguish between red and black as opposed to the previous uniforms, which kept it mostly near black, and usually away from the red. The absence of gold entirely allows for the teal to be the sole bright accent color which contrasts the heavy red and black.

The Diamondbacks give us two recalls to past uniforms by featuring the A on the home white uniform for the first time since 2006, and by bringing back the D on the hats, which have been missing since 2015. The star of this lineup is the black jersey, just as it was before. This belongs in a uniform hall of fame (if there ever was one) becuase it is a flawless balance of color that brings out the absolute best and boldest of both the red and the teal, while having a central focal point. I predict that this may become the fan favorite of the batch.

The flaw comes with the red uniform. This is the first uniform in 23 years to feature the name “Diamondbacks” in its entirety, and it unfortunately proves why “DBacks” had been the preferred option since. This uniform reminds me of the gray San Francisco jerseys by just having way too many letters squished together.

Overall, the uniqueness of this color palate has to be respected and acknowledged. In a league where almost every team uses similar colors, the Diamondbacks found a way to stand above and beyond the rest. The Diamondbacks brand can be mistaken for none other, and they should be applauded for that. Ultimately, this is a step up from their previous uniform lineup, and may slingshot the Diamondbacks into consideration for one of the best over-all uniform lineups in Major League Baseball.

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