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Alek Manoah Needs Help

One year ago, Alek Manoah was an All-Star, a candidate for American League MVP, and a top-three AL Cy Young Award finalist. It felt like the Blue Jays had been very lucky with a young talent that could be one of the best in the AL.

Now, Manoah has a 6.36 ERA and is one of the worst pitchers in all of the American League. He has had one of the biggest falls from grace with the Blue Jays and it feels like an instant since his dominant seasons. This leaves Blue Jays fans with questions about the future of the organization with Manoah in it.

Alek Manoah: From Star to Slump

It feels like a lifetime ago and yet it feels like yesterday. Alek Manoah was having a record year last year in only his second year in the MLB. He had the best ERA on the Blue Jays with 2.24. While the Blue Jays pitching had consistency issues, he continued to be their rising star. He only allowed 16 home runs and 55 runs scored throughout his 2022 season. Numbers alone couldn’t describe how dominant the 24-year-old was that season and he was certainly one of the best in the AL.

To put in perspective how far Alek Manoah has fallen, in his last outing against the Houston Astros, he allowed seven hits, six runs, and one balled on base in 38 pitches. He didn’t even finish the inning. He has allowed 42 walks and 11 home runs in 13 games he has played in. He only has one win and seven losses on his record this year. He went from the best pitcher the Blue Jays had on their roster to an almost guaranteed loss if he starts for the team.

As of right now, the Blue Jays need to have more options as they can’t afford the number of losses that Manoah is producing. The AL East is having the best year of all five teams and even though the Blue Jays is having a record like the AL Central leaders, Minnesota Twins, they are close to the bottom and out of a playoff spot. The question now would be what options does the team have to deal with him?

Alek Manoah: Back to Florida

There was a lot of options that the Blue Jays could of used with Alek Manoah. He could of been sent to Buffalo or New Hampshire to join the minor league teams that were only a level or two away from the Blue Jays. But it came out that Alek Manoah will be headed to the sunshine state where the Dunedin Blue Jays of the Florida State League.

It’s too early to know if Alek Manoah will actually play in the FSL but what is known is that Dunedin is the location of the Blue Jays’ training ballpark with a lot of devices to help him. Manoah will have some of the best training equipment and facilities that the Blue Jays can offer him while also not being in the spotlight of the team.

If he is able to get out of his funk and go back to his 2022 self again the Blue Jays will be ready for the playoffs. Bo Bichette has been a great leader offensively and the pitching is finding itself to be the best it has been in a long time despite earlier hiccups in the season.

The hope is that Manoah, a huge star with the team will be able to join them for the race for the playoffs.

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