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Carlos Rodon Injury: He isn’t Carl Pavano…Yet

Carlos Rodon Injury: Yankee pitcher Carlos Rodon walking around Yankees Stadium

The latest Carlos Rodon injury has led Yankees fans to fear that their new ace is turning into Carl Pavano, another big time signee that didn’t work out. Like Rodon, Pavano joined the Yankees as a high ticket free agent pitcher that saw injuries drastically limit his Bronx tenure.

The Latest on the Carlos Rodon Injury

Before the Yankees most recent game against the Los Angeles Angels, manager Aaron Boone delivered some potentially concerning news regarding the Carlos Rodon injury. While working his way back from a Spring Training forearm strain, apparently, the newest Carlos Rodon injury is a back that is “barking a little bit,” according to Boone.

Boone did provide an update on his new ace’s arm saying that Rodon’s elbow was in good shape and that the team was just taking the precautionary step of waiting for on his back. Once his back is cleared, Rodon should commence on a rehab assignment and eventually make his New York Yankees debut.

The Carl Pavano Saga

Well before the Carlos Rodon injury drama, the Yankees saw Carl Pavano battle a slew of injuries as a member of the Yankees. Pavano saw his career begin with the Montreal Expos but really saw his year take-off as a member of the Florida Marlins.

Pavano served as a main part of the Marlins rotation after being acquired by the team in 2002 through the 2004 season. He helped the team beat his future employer in the 2003 World Series, Pavano pitched to an 18-8 record in his final Florida year with a 3.00 ERA, setting up a bidding war for his services that following off-season.

Unfortunately, after signing a 4-year $39.95 contract, Pavano was frequently injured in the Bronx. A right shoulder injury limited his first season as a Yankee. 2006 saw a buttocks injury send him to the disabled list to start the season and a rib injury resulting from a car crash, that was originally hidden from the Yankees, ended his season without pitching in any Regular Season game.

In 2007, Pavano made a surprise Opening Day start but made his way to the disabled list in April for an elbow injury that required Tommy John Surgery. Pavano worked his way back to the Yankees in late-August in 2008 but left a September game with a left hip injury and never pitched again.

As a member of the Yankees, Pavano pitched in parts of 26 games and finished with a 5.00 ERA.

Comparing Rodon and Pavano

The Carlos Rodon injury saga has quickly led to comparisons between the two pitchers. Both were big time signings. And both had prior injury concerns. As a result, fans are starting to get very nervous about the money and years owed to Rodon.

However, despite the early similarities, it’s far too early to compare the two pitchers. For starters, Rodon is a significantly more accomplished pitcher before coming to New York. Rodon already has a higher career bWar than Pavano and Pavano never came close to touching Rodon’s performances in 2021 and 2022.

Most importantly, despite the Carlos Rodon injury, part of the biggest issues with Pavano were how he handled himself. Besides lying about his car accident, Pavano was also called out by former Yankees Ace Mike Mussina, who believed Pavano failed to prove himself to his teammates. Additionally, during his rehab, Pavano refused to attend Yankees games when the team was in the area.

Meanwhile, Rodon seems genuinely excited to be a member of the Yankees. From posting pictures of his newborn son in a Yankees jersey to going out of his way to praise the fans, Rodon seems to be doing everything right, despite the Carlos Rodon injury.

End of the Day

While it appears that Rodon is doing all that he can to join the Yankees staff, the only way to avoid the Carl Pavano comparisons is to actually be on the field pitching. As of now, the Carlos Rodon injury has been more of a nuisance but the longer it stretches into the summer, the more likely the Bronx faithful will turn on him.

Sadly for many others, once Yankees fans turn on you, it’s near-impossible to win them back. Aaron Hicks and Josh Donaldson have learned that the hard way. So did Gary Sanchez. So did Tyler Clippard. And so did Carl Pavano.

Let us know your thoughts on the Carlos Rodon injury in the comments below!

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