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Most Grand Slams Amongst Active MLB Players

Giancarlo Stanton hitting a Grand Slam

While Alex Rodriguez holds the record for the most grand slams in MLB history with 25, these are the actives players who have the most grand slams and could one day find themselves threatening that record. The list will be ordered from most to least grand slams and focusing on those players currently in the top 10.

The Grand Slams List

The Slugging Padre – 12

Manny Machado has seen an almost perfect storm for hitting the most grand slams amongst active players. Having entered the league at the young age of 19, Machado has been a focal point of offenses in both Baltimore and San Diego. Now, a member of the Padres, Machado finds himself in the heart of a good Padres offense.

A Giant in New York – 10

While teammate Aaron Judge holds the record for most home runs in a single season by an American League player, his towering teammate Giancarlo Stanton has the edge in grand slams. Like Machado, Stanton made his debut at a young age (20) and was the main bat in Miami. Now in New York, Stanton has had more bases loaded opportunities.

The Ageless Wonder – 8

In his MLB career, Nelson Cruz has spent time with the Brewers, Rangers, Orioles, Mariners, Twins, Rays, Nationals and Padres. At 42 years young, it’s fair to wonder how many more, grand slams Cruz will hit. However, he has shown no signs of slowing down and joins Machado in a talented Padres lineup.

The Dodgers DH – 8

Like Cruz, the number of opportunities for grand slams left for J.D. Martinez feels like it’s shrinking pretty rapidly. However, the Dodgers grabbed the former Red Sox slugger this off-season and in a similarly talented lineup, Martinez may still have a few grand slams left in his bat.

A Former MVP – 7

At one point, it seemed that his Gold Glove defensive play combined with a strong bat would make Cody Bellinger a future Dodger Hall of Famer. Now, Bellinger is trying to salvage his career with the Cubs. Despite his decline in play, Bellinger does already have quite a few grand slams when remembering that he is still only 27.

A Current MVP – 7

Last year, Paul Goldschmidt was an unbelievable hitter. Despite starting to age, Goldschmidt has shown no signs of slowing down as he went on to win his first MVP. On a competitive Cardinals team that seems to be even more popular following the World Baseball Classic, Goldschmidt should still get a handful of bases loaded chances.

Struggling Down in Detroit – 7

When the Tigers signed the Javy Baez contract, they likely weren’t too influenced by the amount of grand slams he had hit in his career and more saw an impact bat locking down the middle of their order. Now, the free-swinger looks lost at the plate and on the base paths.

A Fan Least Favorite Yankee – 7

Across baseball, it seems that few players are as disliked as the former AL MVP Josh Donaldson. His declining bat has made him a target of Yankee fan scorn while a weird incident last year involving Tim Anderson helped to make him universally disliked. With his age going up and his power going down, it’s easy to wonder how many more opportunities Donaldson will get.

The Phanatic in Philly – 7

As the popular joke goes, when Nick Castellanos hits a home run, something bad must have happened. For the Phillies, they likely wouldn’t mind a few more bad things if it helps the team reach the World Series for a second consecutive season.

The Houston Blue Jay – 7

When George Springer went from the Astros to Toronto, he simply traded one stacked lineup for another. Despite batting leadoff for the majority of his career, Springer does his most damage in his bases loaded at-bats. In Toronto, he should see plenty more.

While we wait and see if any of these sluggers can approach A-Rod, you can follow along with all 2023 Grand Slams across baseball on our tracker!

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