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Most Grand Slams in MLB History

It can be debated that a Grand Slam is the most exciting play to happen with enough frequency in MLB history. Anytime the bases are loaded, fans buzz with anticipation hoping to see a big blast to blow the doors open on a game. In MLB history, few have stood out when it comes to hitting the most grand slams in MLB history.

Most Grand Slams in MLB History

While MLB has had it’s fair share of sluggers, these are the players who stood above the rest as the best Grand Slam hitters to ever play the sport.

A-Rod – 25 Grand Slams

In his prime, Alex Rodriguez was simply one of the best players to ever step foot on the diamond. In a controversial career that saw multiple MVPs and a suspension for Performance Enhancing Drugs, Rodriguez managed to blast a record 25 grand slams during his playing days. As of 2023, A-Rod holds the record for the most grand slams in MLB history.

The Iron Horse – 23 Grand Slams

Following Rodriguez, is a fellow former Yankee, Lou Gehrig who managed to hit 23 during his playing days. For the longest stretch, Gehrig held the record for the most grand slams in MLB history. Perhaps hitting 4th in a powerful lineup and directly behind Babe Ruth paid dividends for the Iron Horse and the New York Yankees.

Just Manny Being Manny – 21 Grand Slams

The rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox is debatably the biggest, not just in Major League Baseball, but all of sports. At one point, the fight between A-Rod and Manny Ramirez to see who would set the record for most grand slams in MLB history was an interesting side race between the two.

Steady Eddie – 19 Grand Slams

Of all the names on the list, Eddie Murray had one of the most interesting, and underrated, careers in Major League Baseball. While Murray didn’t hit the most grand slams in MLB history, he did set the record for most RBIs in bases loaded situations. While Murray blasted over 500 home runs, mainly as a member of the Baltimore Orioles, Murray is one of the most underappreciated sluggers in the history of the sport.

Stretch McCovey and the White Sox Batman – 18 Grand Slams

The only tie in the top five on the list of most grand slams in MLB history belongs to Willie McCovey and Robin Ventura. The former Giants slugger, McCovey, enjoyed blasting grand slams into the now famous-McCovey cove section of the San Francisco Bay. As a result, the San Francisco Giant quickly became a fan favorite in the Bay Area.

For Ventura, a career that was perhaps most known for an unfortunate brawl with Nolan Ryan, it’s easy to forget about how dominant he was with the bases loaded. Known more for his glove, Ventura has by far the least amount of homeruns as anyone in the top-5. While only blasting 294 home runs, 6% of them came with the bases juiced.

Looking Forward

While everyone, well maybe not pitchers, enjoys a bases loaded blast, these were the select few who hit the most grand slams in MLB history. While active leader Manny Machado (12 grand slams) has a ways to go before matching McCovey and Ventura, fans should keep an eye on the San Diego third baseman to see if he can crack the list before he hangs up his spikes for good.

Of the players on the list for the most grand slams in MLB history, which one is your favorite? Do you think Machado can catch up with the grand slam leaders and who are you most surprised to see miss the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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