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The World Baseball Classic Angels in the Outfield

Like a Disney movie, the world World Baseball Classic Angels in the Outfield have made their heavenly presence known this year. The angels above, and the angels down here with us, they showed up just like we were told.

For younger readers, “Angels in the Outfield” is a 1994 Disney film which followed two orphan boys who are given the sixths sense to see angels from heaven come down to earth and help their favorite baseball team, the California Angels. It is a heartfelt comedy about what it means to be faithful, and what it means to be a family. If you haven’t seen it, it is a much watch for families with kids, even if you do not particularly follow Major League Baseball.

For those who have seen it, have you ever wondered why the film touches the heart and soul as well? It is because the human heart has a longing for spiritual connection and family. The film so wonderfully shows how baseball brings family to those who need it most, and gives assurance that somebody above is always watching and guiding us to make sure everyone is where they are meant to be. Even when we are down on our luck, “Angels in the Outfield” reminds us that with a little faith, we will all get the help we need.

The New Angels

So what does this have to do with the World Baseball Classic Angels? Well, let us check in on the remaining California Angels in the global phenomenon tournament: Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani.

Mike Trout is a 10 time All-Star, 3 time American League MVP, 9 time Silver Slugger and a legitimate claim to the best over-all position player in all of MLB of the last decade. The problem is he has 1 post season appearance, having gotten swept in three games by the Kansas City Royals.

Shohei Ohtani is an international phenomenon with a claim to being one of the most unique and impressive talents from any sport on the planet. Having only been in MLB since 2018, Ohtani has been one of the best pitchers in baseball and somehow an even better hitter. The likes of which have not been since since the Great Bambino himself. Shohei Ohtani is not a baseball player: he is a fantasy that we never knew was even possible. Even though he has won the Japan Series, 7 time all star and 2 time MVP (both of those stats count his Japan and American careers), he has yet to have a playoff appearance in America.

The combination of Trout and Ohtani may be one of the most lethal duos in MLB history. However, they are stranded on the Los Angeles Angels: a team that overspends on underachieving talent and misguided priorities. Americans have never gotten to see the power duo on the grandest and most competitive stage…until they became World Baseball Classic angels.

The World Baseball Classic Angels

There is no way that it is a random or lucky coincidence that the World Baseball Classic Angels are playing in the championship against each other. In a tournament full of baseball heroes, these two have risen above the rest. If “Angels in the Outfield” is correct, that means a guiding hand from above has made sure that the two phenoms finally get the championship opportunity owed to them.

Ironically, they have been granted such a gift when they have been removed from the Los Angeles Angels. Make no mistake, the headline of the WBC are the World Baseball Classic Angels; Trout vs Ohtani before it is USA vs Japan. It is the dream that both the players, fans, and Major League Baseball deserves. Remember though, as the movie tells us, angels can’t help in championships…

To add more weight to this final game, consider the following idea: what if Trout and Ohtani finally gettin their championship experiences shows them how greener the grass is outside of Anaheim? What if Mike Trout realizes what he has been missing and requests a trade? Keep in mind, he has a full No Trade Clause, so he can control where he lands. Likewise, what if this is the “push” factor that chases Ohtani away in free agency? There may be more riding on this championship than just the game at hand. Buckle up everybody, this is the thing we have been waiting for all along.

Let us know your thoughts on these World Baseball Classic Angels and which of the World Baseball Classic Angels you think will win the trophy in the comments below!

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