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A Look and Ranking the Braves City Connect Uniform

Everyone loves a good MLB uniform. Since 2021, Nike’s City Connect collection has tried to add some spice to MLB’s typically boring image by allowing teams to get adventurous with some limited-use alternate jerseys, and now it’s the time for the Braves City Connect jerseys.

Often times this had been done with success, and other times, not so much. Over all, I feel Nike’s success with City Connect has been inconsistent. Today, I would like to analyze the believed Atlanta Braves City Connect uniforms for 2023, and then rank them appropriately among the others.

When analyzing the quality of City Connect uniforms, I refer to the following criteria:

1. Does it actually connect to the city, as the name implies?

2. Does it look like it belongs to the team they represent?

3. Does it look like it fits the mission of exotic, but not obnoxious?

Let’s take a look at the Braves City Connect uniforms.

NOTE: The Braves City Connect uniforms have not been officially announced (see tweet thread below)!


No, they do not look like they belong to their city, but they do absolutely look like they belong to the team they represent in spades. Do not confuse those two things as being the same.

The Braves City Connect jerseys are throwback jerseys for all intents and purposes. They use the color scheme and layout of the very uniform that Hank Aaron hit his 715th homerun while wearing. The twist is that they replace the “a” logo with the modern capital “A” logo. A pretty easy little fusing of two time periods, and it looks good, and is clearly a Braves uniform.

The problem lies with point number one: these uniforms do not represent the city of Atlanta in any way that is new, inventive, or in reference to anything outside of Braves lore. The whole point of City Connect is to explore a feature of the city (or in some cases state) that does not typically get recognized in the teams branding. There is absolutely no hint of that in any way. This is an absolute shame, because Atlanta is the home of Martin Luther King Jr., the most famous civil rights leader of the last century. One would think that he would be the easy theme for a true and genuine City Connect uniform. After all, the Atlanta Hawks jumped on this softball pitch years ago. Now, I am not saying a Braves City Connect uniform must have only been a MLK tribute, but it is merely an example of a glaring missed opportunity.

Braves City Connect Historical Nod

There is a small nod to Hank Aaron by placing the number 715 on the inside of the collar. Now, the Braves have the same problem that the Angels did when they out the surf board at the bottom of the jersey: the symbolism they are trying to make apparent is being literally hidden. If these jerseys are supposed to be a tribute to Hank Aaron’s 715th home run, and honoring a true baseball hero, then the number 715 should have been plastered on the front of the uniform in some way.

On a more positive side, these uniforms are definitely not obnoxiously . However, I would argue they are not exotic nor adventurous enough to be on par with the mission of City Connect. The best City Connect uniforms are out of the norm and experimental with either it’s layout or it’s use of color. These uniforms just feel like something we are already able to find in Braves branding and merchandise. Nothing about it feels new. Also, they do not feel risky either. They just feel like fun batting practice and spring training jerseys, and ones that will sell well.


I predict these selling very well because they are in fact quite appealing to the eye, capture multiple generations of fans, and fit seamlessly into the Braves uniform lineup. However, the mission of City Connect is to roll the dice and give us something with a “wow” factor. These uniforms certainly do not have that.

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  2. Marlins
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  15. Angels

Where would you rank the Braves City Connect jerseys?

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